Oliver Waldbillig with Steadicam on the Set: So Gott Will (Short by Tomislav Vijcic)
Photo: Dariuz Misztal

The use of a steadicam allows to create astonishing visual and emotional moving shots and offers freedom to the director and the DP to place and move the camera where and when they want in order to tell their story. 

Shots like the  3 min. Copacabana shot from Goodfellas (1990, Dir. Martin Scorsese) or the 5 min. Beach at Dunkirk shot from Atonement (2007, Dir. Joe Wright), the shots in The Shining (1980, Dir. Stanley Kubrick) are some examples for great storytelling shots and their influence on the perception of the film.


Steadicam Demoreel


Equipment upgrade: Steadicam Volt™

® https://www.betz-tools.com/en/voltrig.php
Betz-Rig with Steadicam Volt Upgrade

From January 2019 I will have an upgrade on my rig with the steadicam Volt™, a horizon and tilt axis stabilizer on the gimbal of the steadicam.

Windy conditions, complex moves,... will be no problem anymore and the Volt allows to concentrate more on the shot and framing itself.



Trailer: Black 47

Dir.: Lance Daly

DOP: Declan Quinn

Steadicam (among others): Oliver Waldbillig

Trailer: Justice_Dot_Net by Pol Cruchten

Steadicamp 2018

Over the last 5 days I had an intense steadicam workshop with some of the best steadicam operators in the industry (Larry McConkey, Peter Robertson, Alex Brambilla, Patrick de Ranter and Valentin Monge).

It was a great experience, I learned so much and met really amazing people.


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My short: Adieu! Katja, Bonjour Tristesse (2014)

Finally you can watch my short Adieu! Katja, Bonjour Tristesse from 2014 for free on vimeo.

Commercial: Médistory 2017

Commercial shoot involving running in front of the actress. Shot on RED  directed by Gwen FRANCOIS, Julien BECKER by Skill Lab


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Making Of: Rosport commercial

Some behind the scenes of the new Rosport commercial. Shot on Phantomflex, with some 135mm, running in the wood slowmotion action.

Commercial: Rosport - Source of me

Some steadicam shots of me in the new Rosport commercial.

Shot in slow-mo on the PhantomFlex 4K.

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Trailer: Orientierungslos

This is the trailer of a short movie called Orientierungslos by Lara Mack I worked on last summer. Part of the three minute longtake made it into the trailer.

Enjoy watching.


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