Trailer: Black 47

Dir.: Lance Daly

DOP: Declan Quinn

Steadicam (among others): Oliver Waldbillig

Trailer: Justice_Dot_Net by Pol Cruchten

Steadicamp 2018

Over the last 5 days I had an intense steadicam workshop with some of the best steadicam operators in the industry (Larry McConkey, Peter Robertson, Alex Brambilla, Patrick de Ranter and Valentin Monge).

It was a great experience, I learned so much and met really amazing people.


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My short: Adieu! Katja, Bonjour Tristesse (2014)

Finally you can watch my short Adieu! Katja, Bonjour Tristesse from 2014 for free on vimeo.

Commercial: Médistory 2017

Commercial shoot involving running in front of the actress. Shot on RED  directed by Gwen FRANCOIS, Julien BECKER by Skill Lab


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Making Of: Rosport commercial

Some behind the scenes of the new Rosport commercial. Shot on Phantomflex, with some 135mm, running in the wood slowmotion action.

Commercial: Rosport - Source of me

Some steadicam shots of me in the new Rosport commercial.

Shot in slow-mo on the PhantomFlex 4K.

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Trailer: Orientierungslos

This is the trailer of a short movie called Orientierungslos by Lara Mack I worked on last summer. Part of the three minute longtake made it into the trailer.

Enjoy watching.


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Teaser/Trailer: Halt!Los!

Last summer I worked on a feature film called Halt!Los!. Here you can see the teaser/trailer of the film with some steadicam shots of me

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Teaser: Tarantella

The teaser of the mafia film Tarantella with some of my steadicam shots

My first Vlog

New: Walter Klassen Hard Mount

Walter Klassen Hard Mount (incl. Mitchell plate and Doughty clamp)

Behind the scences: Rusty Boys by Andy Bausch
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Feature film: 1000 Arten den Regen zu beschreiben by Isabel Prahl

Getting ready for the next set. On monday shooting an other feature: 1000 Arten den Regen zu beschreiben by Isabel Prahl (DOP: Andreas Köhler)

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Mit Begeisterung überzeugen - Daimler / Mercedez Benz

My last gig with my small Rig, my Steadicam Pilot

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Not Steadicam related but...

Our Star Wars Fan Film Darth Maul: Apprentice  by Shawn Bu is exploding the internet right now.

I was Focus Puller on this extraordinary project.



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New Item: Alexa Plate

The Alexa Plate, works with all the Alexa models (Alexa, Plus, XT, XT Plus, XT Studio, Alexa-65), Arri Amira, Panasonic Varicam.

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Update: First TV-Show Gig

I've had my first TV Gig  Jahresrückblick 2015. It was really fun with the people of RegioTV Schwaben. 

Link to the Trailer

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Short film: Freddie by Andy Bausch

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Update: Long take on the Set "So Gott Will" shot on Arri Alexa

Premiere 28.11.15 in Düsseldorf

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Update: HFF Munich Short: Bogat (AT) by Valentin Kruse

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Update: Long take on the Set "So Gott Will" shot on Arri Alexa

Photos: Dariusz Misztal (

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Release of my Short: Adieu! Katja, Bonjour Tristesse

My shortfilm Adieu! Katja, Bonjour Tristesse is now online as video on demand for download or streaming (on vimeo).

Short: If there's no Tomorrow by Ronnie Bugay & Yuchen Sun

Short: Heartbeat by Kevin Girres

Last week we shot the short "Heartbeat" the graduation film of Kevin Girres (DOP) with the young and talented actress Sophie Mousel and the Eldoradio moderator Mike Folschette

Making of Pictures by Liam McEvoy

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Feature Film: Sunrise in Kimmeria

So I had my first Steadicam Shoot on a feature film: Sunrise in Kimmeria by  Simon Farmakas. DOP was the excellent Vladimir Subotic.

We shot in 4:3 on a Arri Alexa XT with Master anamorphic lenses, which created a beautiful widescreen.

Exciting ;-)

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Working on my skills